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What is a Chypre Perfume?

What does Chypre mean? 

Chypre (pronounced sheep-ra) means Cyprus in French. Most of the aromatic plants which make up chypre fragrances from the Cyprus - the island. 

This refers to a scent group. It can be a bit confusing if you don't know too much about perfumes. However, here at PerfumeSplash, we're going to break it down and make the world of perfume more accessible. 

So let's get into it - what is Chypre? 

It originates from the early 20th century and the fragrances are warm, mossy and woody. They often consist of aromatic plants. Main notes are usually patchouli, bergamot, oak moss with blends of florals, fruits and woods. Chypre perfumes are sophisticated and timeless. 

Sub scent groups: Floral Chypre, Fruity Chypre, Chypre Leather, Green Chypre, Fresh Chypre and Woody Chypre. 

To help you understand this scent group, we have selected five of the perfumes we offer under our Chypre Scent Collection. These include fruits, florals, woods and greens. 

Our range of chypre perfumes we offer:

1. Fruity Chypre 
Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum
Jimmy Choo
2. Floral Chypre 
Lady Million Empire
3. Fresh Chypre 
CK One Calvin Klein
4. Woody Chypre 
Opus Amouage
5. Green Chypre 
Portal Eau de Parfum 
6. Oriental Chypre
Black Orchid Tom Ford 
Do you want to try Chypre fragrances?

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