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What is a Gourmand Perfume?

What is a Gourmand perfume? 

This is one of the newest scent groups in the perfume world. We cannot talk about gourmand scents without mentioning Thierry Mugler's Angel. 'Edible' notes are increasingly being introduced into perfumes. 

Imagine blends of chocolate, vanilla, caramel, toffee, almonds, candy floss, coffee and more. Often gourmand scents are combined with spices to create a warm, oriental-gourmand scent or berries and fruits to create a fruity-gourmand scent. 

So let's get into it - all about Gourmand Scents 
When we think of gourmand, we imagine food. The term itself refers to: 
/a connoisseur of good food; a gourmet./
It makes sense that gourmand fragrances smell so delicious and yummy. From chocolate to vanilla, this is certainly the most exciting of perfume scent groups. 
To help you understand this scent group, we have put together five perfumes that fall under the Gourmand Scent Collection. 

Our range of gourmand perfumes we offer:

1. Thierry Mugler Angel 
We cannot forget Angel when we talk about gourmand scents. Angel blends caramel, chocolate and vanilla with touches of berries. It's an adults childhood dream in a bottle. 
2. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium
Black Opium is a blend of coffee, vanilla and strong white floral notes, which creates a juxtaposition of light and darkness. It's a must have for every gourmand scent lover. 

3. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

La Vie Est Belle pairs an aroma chemical that smells like candy floss and toasted strawberries with an iris note. This results in a powdered sugar and spun sugar scent, resulting in a light gourmand scent.  

Do you want to try gourmand fragrances?


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