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The Best Drupe/Tropical/Coconut Fragrances

Tropical fragrances 

Tropical fragrances are made up of juicy notes of fruits and berries. They are not just pre-teens though! Tropical perfumes have a fruity element to them and are often combined with florals to create a juicy cocktail-like scent. Think tropical island. 

What is a Drupe?

Drupe refers to /a fleshy fruit with thin skin and a central stone containing the seed, e.g. a plum, cherry, or almond./

Drupe fragrances 

Here at PerfumeSplash, we created a scent collection called Drupe which encompasses tropical perfumes. It is refreshing, fun and invigorating. 

Main notes in Drupe perfumes include coconut, mango, plum, apricot, cherry blossom and berries. 

To help you navigate this new scent group, we have picked out four perfumes that show just how exciting Drupe scents can be.


1. Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz by Guerlain

A tropical fruity fragrance. Top notes are Coconut Nectar and Bergamot. Middle notes are Water Fruit and Freesia. Base notes are Tonka Bean and Sandalwood. Our favourite drupe-like perfume. 

2. Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna 

A tropical fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are Peach, Plum and Red Berries. Middle notes are Coconut, Tuberose, Hibiscus and Violet. Base notes are Vanille, Patchouli, Musk and Amber.

3. Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein
A fruity fragrance for women. Top notes are Cherry Blossom, Mandarin Orange and Bergamot. Middle notes are Rose, Violet and Syringa. Base notes are Bamboo, Musk and Sandalwood.

Do you want to try Drupe fragrances?


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