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5 Best Balsamic Fragrances

What is a balsamic fragrance?

Balsam/balsamic does not refer to your vinegar or salad dressing but rather warm, resin-like notes.

Balsamic perfumes are characterised by resins, balsams and spices. They are quite similar to Oriental/Amber fragrances. However, balsamic fragrances are sweet, soft and warm. They combine rich notes of vanilla, tonka bean, resins and ambers inspired by Middle Eastern perfumes. This gives perfume group a rich, sumptuous quality. 

Popular notes in balsamic fragrances include vanilla, benzoin, tolu balsam, tonka bean frankincense, birch tar and labdanum. 

To help you understand this scent group best, here are some of our favourite Balsamic Fragrances:

1. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Grand Soir 

Grand Soir is a luxurious, sexy scent that has one of the best vanilla and amber combinations around. The top notes open with a warm amber and sweet vanilla. Then a creamy tonka bean note begins to emerge with a touch of benzoin. Overall this balsamic scent has a very sweet aroma. 


2.  Giorgio Armani Code Profumo

Code Profumo opens with fruity notes and doses of spices alongside a touch of lavender and orange blossom. Then you get a creamy tonka bean, warm amber, and smooth leather.  


3. Versace Eros

Eros has a sweet, mint-like aroma with a fruity drop of green apple, supported and addition of refreshing mint. In comes a sweet scent of tonka bean and a note of vanilla alongside some woody notes. 

4. Davidoff Silver Shadow 

Silver Shadow merges fresh orange and spicy coriander combined with hot saffron and patchouli leaves. It is a warm, pleasant fragrance which features sensual amber, benzoin and oak moss.

5. Christian Dior Farheinheit Absolute 

The aroma is emphasised with aromas of myrrh, incense and oud, leaving an impression of an adventure. It's intense and dark. 

Do you want to try balsamic fragrances?

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